Guy Deacon Book Launch – 13 May 2024

We are delighted to be  hosting an evening for Guy Deacon CBE as he launches his book about his incredible journey through Africa. 

Aged 60 and having lived with Parkinson’s disease for over 10 years, Guy set out for one last adventure, to drive solo from his home in the UK to South Africa. This incredible journey, crossing Europe and the full length of Africa, would take the former army officer and father of two over 12 months, 18,000 miles, 25 countries, 9 breakdowns, an emergency evacuation and 3650 prescription pills. Quite simply an incredible feat for a man travelling alone with Stage 3 Parkinson’s.  

Not only would the journey be fulfilling a childhood dream to drive across Africa, but Guy’s mission was also to raise awareness of Parkinson’s Disease which is heavily stigmatised in Africa where it is often linked to witchcraft and black magic, leaving sufferers ostracised by their communities.

Parkinson’s Disease is the fastest-growing neurodegenerative illness worldwide and has no known cause and no cure. By 2040, more than 13 million people will be living with PD – a quarter of them in Africa where the disease is little understood. On his journey Guy met with Parkinson’s sufferers in almost all the countries he travelled through and learnt what daily life was like for those sufferers that he met, but first he had to get there.  Throughout the 18,000 mile journey Guy kept a video diary and was joined on four occasions by a documentary maker. This has resulted in 85 hours of footage and several thousand photographs of this incredible adventure through the heart of Africa which will be made into a 1 hour documentary for Channel 4 to be released shortly. 

Anyone attending the event will be able to buy a copy of Guy’s book “Running on Empty” after the talk  with all proceeds going to Parkinson’s charities.

Monday 13th May – 7 pm – 8.15pm

For more info www.guydeacon.co.uk

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