Future Projects

Our aim at Brynkinalt is to ensure the preservation of the estate for the benefit of the local community and future generations. 


Walled Gardens

 The Brynkinalt Estate has submitted a planning application to Wrexham Borough Council for the restoration of the historic Walled Gardens at Brynkinalt. This application has been developed with considerable input from the Conservation Officer and CADW, which has been of great help to us.

 Our aim is to restore the gardens to productive use in a modern and sustainable way, ensuring their future maintenance and the public benefit of the gardens to future generations. The scheme will include eight holiday cottages and two high quality office spaces in a restored vegetable garden, nuttery and fruit orchard.


Development at St Martins

 The Estate has submitted a masterplan to Shropshire Council's strategic development process to promote land owned by the estate near St Martins for residential development. Brynkinalt Estate continues to work closely with St Martins Parish Council and Shropshire Council to deliver a high quality, sustainable development that meets the long-term requirements of the community.


Gardens and Landscape

 Work continues on the restoration of the formal West Garden and the Shrubbery, originally designed by Charlotte, Viscountess of Dungannon between 1790 and 1820, which was then added to by Rosamund Lady Trevor in 1905.

 2012 saw the recreation of an azalea and rhododendron bed in the Shrubbery and restoration of the estate railings, as well as an extension of the herbaceous borders in the West Garden. 2013 has seen the completion of a new rhododendron woodland walk, which has been planted in the Shrubbery. The main project for the summer of 2013 is the further restoration of ponds in the Shrubbery, and the unveiling of a new sculpture in the West Garden, designed by Ben Broadbent.